4134 Hamilton

Lucy's Laundromat

Last weekend, I went for a bike ride (read: bar crawl for charity) sponsored by New Belgium Brewing and local businesses. We went through all my favorite Omaha neighborhoods – Dundee, Leavenworth, Midtown, Benson – including a few spots I had never seen.  This one is just northeast of my commute route and was full of more recently vacant buildings. Not wanting to fall behind, I just made this one photo stop. When I hopped back on my bike, my husband was waiting for me a few blocks up with some concern.

I liked the pastel green on the building and the sign. No deep thoughts inspired by this one, except that I do wonder if there was a Lucy and what she is doing now.

Lucy's laundromat black and white

2 thoughts on “4134 Hamilton

  1. Hi there, the photograph you have of the Lucys Laundromat brings joy to my heart even though it doesn’t look like what it used to. I know this place quite well due to the fact that Lucy is my mom, she is a warm, charming woman. She now has a Lucys Laundry in south Omaha. Lucy opened this first Lucys laundry location when she moved to Nebraska from San Francisco. She came to Omaha with many ideas and aspirations.

    Whoever you are,Thank you for this photograph it really brings great childhood memories.


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