Louis Grill and Bar – NW Radial Highway

Side of Louis Bar, Benson

Until mid-November of 2013, Louis Grill and Bar was one of the oldest such locales in Omaha. After more than 80 years in business, it closed on November 17, 2013, according to the Omaha World Herald. What’s left of it stands at the gateway to Benson, one of my favorite historic Omaha neighborhoods.


I have been meaning to catch a photo of the sign before the new gas station starts building on the property. What could be more lame than a new gas station? Oddly enough, I have heard residents of the area complain about all the bars in the area (one of its draws, in my opinion) and say they wish a gas station or something would open. So I guess this makes someone happy. But not me.

On Friday, I was heading to happy hour with some work buddies, driving just past this old sign. The setting sun seemed like the perfect background for Louis (insert metaphor here.)

Louis Bar sign sunset

3 thoughts on “Louis Grill and Bar – NW Radial Highway

  1. Have you gone downtown to the abandoned Military Base 5730 North 30th Street, or the Old Quartermaster Base off 22nd ahd Hickory Street?

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