When I was little and we went on a family vacation to Idaho, I asked my parents to buy me a keychain with a little pink bear that was missing an eyeball.  There were lots of little pink bear keychains. But I was “sad” that probably no one else would buy the broken one, and I insisted on taking it home.

I’ve been loving forgotten, broken, decrepit, hidden and strange objects (and people) ever since. This blog chronicles those that catch my eye.  Most of them are in Nebraska, where I live.

Major disclaimer alert: I love Nebraska, and it is beautiful and amazing. So please don’t take these images as an indicator that there’s not lively, dynamic, shiny new fun stuff all other the place.  There is.  But it already gets plenty of attention.

Disclaimer #2 (I tend to be defensive): I know I’m not a professional, or even trained, photographer. These are just things I see that I want others to see, too.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you so much for following and reading my humble little blog-o-thing! Omaha is a pretty cool place with some cool folks as well, such as yourself … Be inspired and please take care. 🙂

  2. Hey there!

    Really enjoyed your blog!
    It is an awesome idea to explore abandoned Omaha.
    I live here too now.
    There are tons of nicely run down places in South O and up north too!

    Hope to see more reviews!
    Take it easy

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